Looking For: OD Rally (Proto Only), Specific FHZ's and Cool FH2's

Hey Everyone!

I’m looking to get my hands on a few specific plastics! I’ve been really feeling plastics lately and want to have a few more. I have a little bit of cash and a bunch of trades including plastics and some metals (only if you have a few plastics I want). PM me if you have any of the plastics I’m looking for. I do Prefer to work with someone who has a few yoyos i’m looking for. I will only give metals for multiples of what I’m looking for. Otherwise most offers will get plastic offers unless I really like it.

OD Rally (prototype is what I’m looking for mainly. I want one of the blue lighter protos)

FHZ (Prefer pad or silicone recessed ones but stock is fine as well. LB mods are awesome as well.)

Higby Space painted
Paul Escolar
Worlds 07 Gold FHZ
FHC (Cyclontzy modded FHZ with a delrin rim) I will trade very heavily for one of these!!!

FH2 (pad or silicone recessed preferred; LB mods are fine too)) I actually prefer these to FHZ’s so these are my main wanted plastic: I’m also looking for just some FH2 pogs with a plain white back.

Cool Dyes
Higby Painted
FH2 modded to take FHZ Caps!

Here’s my flickr link so the mods don’t complain about not having pictures: