Looking for G2 and others - Cash or Trade


looking for a few throws so I figured I would post a list to see if I may be able to snag a few. I Have a big collection (too much to post). Mostly G2, CLYW, OD, YYF, Luftverk, YOYO Rec.

Looking for the Following (must be mint in box)


G2 - any in any condition for trade (possible cash depending what it is)

Cash or Trade:

G2 - Snozzberry (Banshee,Albatross,Triton,Nessie)
G2 - AL7 Superman Albatross
G2 - AL7 Wolf (any)
G2- AL7 Banshee (any)
G2 - AL7 Quake (any)
G2 - Casefile 01 (any)
G2 Casefile 02 - Berry Only

Luftverk Ano Ti Peak - Found 1 :slight_smile:
Splash Valor (any)