Big Sale - G2 Nebula Onedrop YYF - LF RSO Luftverk a-rt ILYY


G2 Banshee 2018 Nebula 1/5, mint in box - Trade only TRADED
G2 Banshee SS 117 forest green with golden rings, mint in box - Trade only
G2 Banshee 2018, LSU (purple gold clear splash), mint in box - 115 SOLD
G2 Covenant, red wine, mint, ridiculously smooth, with koozie - 80

OneDrop Fat Tire, gorgeous Saturday Market, mint in box - 100 SOLD

YYF Shutter first edition with higher weight from 2013, black with green splash, NMTBS - 45
YYF Catalyst, orange with blue splash, ca 2011, b grade, used - 35
YYF Rockstar, blue w gold splash, ca 2011, b grade, used - 35 SOLD
YYF Boss black mint - 15 SOLD
YYF Popstar, YYF edition, mint - 30 SOLD

YYF Loop 2020 pair, orange, mint in packaging - 40
YYF Loop 900 pair, orange, NMTBS, very lightly used, with keys - 35
YYF Hubstack, glow in the dark, mint in packaging - 15 SOLD
YYF Hubstack, glow in the dark, used, dead batteries - 8 SOLD

High res pictures available here:

Prices are shipped in CONUS. I’m in Washington state. If you prefer Paypal G&S, please add the fees. If total is under $50, add $5 for shipping.

“Offer only” throws I hope to use for trades only but I’ll accept cash offers if I can’t find any trades for them. I’m looking especially for MIB, mint, NMTBS conditions. Happy to balance any trades with extra throws or cash. If you have one of my wanted throws but don’t like my trades, just reach out and I might make you a cash offer or find you another trade you like.

I’m especially looking for:
RSO Bowl, Bowl Mini, Bowl Japan
luftverk 000
G2 Life (nebula only)
G2 swirls or unicorn/rainicorn fades
Any G2 in other amazing colorways, especially older models (I have enough campaigns :))
G2 OG Banshee
a-rt Grail
a-rt Quail
ILYY Abyss (all black / run #2)
Yoyorecreation Inevitable (black gold)
Static Sudo, EVAC ura loop (pink speckles)
Heaven Sent Creep, Big Cheese (yellow black)
Or whatever else you’d like to offer :slight_smile:

Check trade feedback here: @schummelpilz Trade Feedback

LSU sold - bump

Updated with availability



bump - Covenant traded




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