Looking for FHZs,FH1s,HFH

Recessed SE FHZ mostly and FHVs, any FH1s, and any HFH besides red and blue

I got for trade:
New Breed
hit me up

Pics of Pistolero pls? I have a Red Genesis.

if you want his attention you ight want to pm him on *cough nation *cough
if hes the same one anyway
im just sayin that this is his first post and he is always on ^

Actually Extremespin is his home. He just uses the nation for the BST. He’s also a good friend of mine. ;D

Okay. Tell him I want his Pistolero like yesterday. haha.

I pmed you JM, But I’m sure you’ll notice that before you notice this lol

But yea I frquent those other boards more often but I look forward to making some trade/sales here if interest is shown.

And who’s that icthus guy? :wink: :wink:

fred flintstone

This bst moves hella slow ha