Looking For: B-Grade Skyline,B-Grade GM2, Beat Peak.

Like the title says. Im looking for B-grade Skyline and B-Grade GM2. Im also looking for ANY Beat peak as long as it doesnt have a vibe or wobble.

I’ll take whatever I can get.

Heres what I have to offer AT THE MOMENT:

KK’d Envy64. NO VIBE. Its got some scuffs on the rims. Thats all. Plays super smooth and does NOT have a vibe.

Green Aquarius. It has typical offstsring damage. No Bearing (deal sweetner)

Black Hectic. This has been loved but nothing that effects play. The damage really isnt that bad. Some scuffs and scratches here and there.

I also have a STACKED, Polished, and Silicone Recessed Black Knight.

I can give a SWEET deal for any of the yoyos im asking for. I can also add a tiny bit of money as a sweetner.

Offer Away. The worst I can say is no.

I could give you 100 or boss with 30?

Please check the date of the last post. This was from September. I really doubt he still wants to trade or sell whatever he has there.