Looking for an x convict!!!!!!!!!!! M1 pics added!!

I recently tried a vict, and I loved it, almost more than my DM. If anyone has one and is willing to sell it, I could get some money and I have a black and red M1 if anyone wants it for a convict!!!

I might be interested. Could you post some pics please?

I will post some pics of my convict.

I have to worn you though the bearing isn’t verry good but you could get a new bearing and it would be fine. Oh and i shaved the o-rings to make it more unresponsive.

will have pics soon.


Here are the pics!! It has a couple dings on it but nothing that effects play.

I have an orange halloween special edition vict with the “dont get X’d out” caps.

Its in very good condition and has a very smooth satin finish on it for grinds.

Here is a pic:

Its actually much more shiny than the pic looks.

No dings, no dents, no cracks. very much mint.

Even has shims installed.

Cleaned abec 7 bearing upgrade , really smooth player.

Let me know!


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Here are some pictures, I couldn’t get any pictures of the dings, There are 2 dings on the red half, you can see them but you have to really feel to feel them. The black side has a couple scuffs, nothing that couldnt be buffed out. The only things I’ve done to it are clean and thin lube the bearing and play it. The string is original and not even cut and I didnt even take off the little frillies off the top of the string… unfortunantly I dont have the original packaging. But yeah… I’m leaning towards Jayyo’s offer so, unless anything else comes, the M1 is his!

P.M. sent !

I have a blue xconvict with black rims and no dings. let me know if your interested and ill get pics