Looking for an Aquarious to trade for a Bone Chip

I have a bone chip that is in great condition. It has koncave bearing on it

You want to trade your bone chip for just an aquarius then?

sounds fishy…

Why does it sound fishy? Aquarii are no longer in production, they’re worth is higher, and maybe Munkie has more than one Bone Chip and is willing to trade one for an Aquarius.

eventhough it is no longer in production you can get one for 15bucks in b/s/t like I did.
Also Bone chip comes with KK bearing, Munkie also have only 15post and zero trade feedback

And bone chips come STOCK with a kk…

and I guess people who dont post on the forums too much but might stalk them while frequenting another (I stalk YYN but I dont post there, I post here) who have not B/S/Ted before should never be trusted, right? Damn, how is it that our community can grow with such a stereotype floating about? I am dont posting in response to you justink1025, I wont waste my time on someone as simpleminded as you. Things in life aren’t white or black, there is a grey area fyi.

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If you guys think it sounds fishy don’t trade with him. If somebody does trade with him, all they have to do is ask him to ship first. If he doesn’t, then he is most likely a scammer.