Looking for a Yoyojam Free Agent

As stated above, I am looking for a YYJ Free Agent. My Current one broke on one half. I need either a whole new one, or a good half of one. I am willing to pay 7 to 9 dollars for a good half. I will only pay 12 or 13 dollars at most for a whole one, since I got mine from John Narum for 16 shipped in MINT condition originally. I will only respond to you if you have some positive feedback. USA Only, please. I use Paypal.
I don’t mind if it has the general 4A marks, but I will need pics. Please help me out, if you can. I miss using my old one.

Thanks for looking!

Bump…may be willing to trade some throws for a free agent. If you have a special agent that’s still good, I will trade big. Pm me if y’all are interested!