Looking for a wood throw

I am looking for a wood throw if anyone is willing to part with one. I would like to take a look send pictures please. I have had Monarch Exotic Wood throws in the past, long time ago in the late 1990’s. I am looking I may need some education in the axil system of TMBR throws, the Spin Worthy throws are good Looking. I am not familiar with many other Co. Thank you for help.

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If you’re looking for a pretty good inexpensive yoyo I’d suggest you just get a legend wing from the YYE store. If you want to spend a little more contact @Glenacius_K he makes the Spinworthy throws.


Vegabomb makes some pretty nice stuff as well! I’m not sure if you are making anything right now but I would highly recommend a padauk caveman go.


I have a purple heart caveman for sale. I just messaged him


I’d like to see that, even if it got sold :eyes:


Lol whoops ment to send it to ya privately but I just messaged ya man

PM Sent

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