Looking for a mint Avalanche!

  • I am esecpially trying to get rid of my Avalanche*. Here is my collection: Red PHENOMizm w/o caps, Silver Master Galaxy, Black Whip, Blizzard Chief, don’t know the name of the colorway Black w/ Light Brown and Hot Pink Splash Comeback Avalanche, Lime Green Dark Magic II, Lime Green Legacy 2, Black w/ Blue Speckle Token, Red w/ Silver Splash and Black Speckle WRATH, Red Mosquito, Red Loop 808, Swagger Edition Go Big, and Gold w/ Black Splash Supernova; make an offer! I can include strings, money, trading cards, and if you can think of something else, probably that. My trading cards are Dirtbag Yeti, Paul Dang, Shaqler, Yuji Kelly, Kohta Watanabe, John Ando, Seasick, Graeme Steller, Rafael Matsunaga, and Kentaro Kimura.

Thank you!

so do you want to buy an avalanche or not?
because you said that you are looking for a mint avalanche