Looking for a Madhouse- "The Unknown", Also looking for some Angel Hair

I’m desperately looking for an old friend or rather a mint Madhouse “The Unknown”. Preferably the WYYC 2009 Edition. (the one with two separate graphics (a different pussy cat) on each half. I WOULD BE WILLING TO GO AS HIGH AS $300 for this edition in mint condition. I would be semi-interested in the other edition as well, in any condition. One of you hardcore collectors should belly-up to the bargaining table and give me a chance to bag one of those one of those badboys. Not only would you be putting some decent cash in your pocket, but you would also be doing a good turn for someone who has a great need for one of those “epic throws”! Please help, especially Madhouse if you’re listening! Surely, someone like me who realizes the “The Unknown” is the very best size “A” bearing yoyo ever made (in the history of the universe!), deserves a chance to once again own that “one that got away” again! So if you have one, and would consider selling it, please pm me on this forum or contact me anytime at greycloud@comcast.net, or text or call me at 612 913-2364.
I am also looking for some Angel Hair 100% nylon string. I need anywhere from 3 to 50 pieces, and will settle for what I can get, because I don’t really want to order from Europe, but guess I will as a last resort. If you can help me out with my Angel Hair problem please contact me- I will be willing to pay you whatever you need for them. Thanks!