Long yet simple chopstick tricks?

What are some pretty long technical chopsticks tricks that aren’t too difficult? Like… not too easy but not something mind blowing, something that would fit right in with the expert level of this site.

Ive been looking for some simple chopsticks trick too. I think that they all look cool. Im going to have to learn them on my g funk instead if my shutter because my shutter is HUGE!

those two are nice looking  and “long” couse they are repaters;p still i cant do it :< but for they might be easy ;p

Those look nice but cabin tutorials dont really agree with me… I need speech or at least text to go with it :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. I don’t get how they call them tutorials. They aren’t really tutorials…

Paul Dang has many awesome chopsticks tutorials. Easy to follow IMO.

u can download it and slow that “slowed” part from headcam just wondering becouse i didnt learn any trick from him yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Look up Hashbrowns on youtube