LiS Great Trader...!

I traded some YYE cards with LiS early in February, on the 2nd. He lives in Kazakhstan. We both agreed to ship same day, and we both posted a video of our receipts and tracking numbers. That was cool, because we trusted that each other shipped out when we promised. He got my package on February 13th, but I didn’t get his until today, March 9th. I noticed delays with things I ordered from Hong Kong lately, so I knew not to worry. Things were getting hung up in customs, because I heard some incident happened recently with suspicious powder found in the mail. I checked the tracking and saw that the mail left his country, so I was confident that the mail would eventually come. Even if it never reached me, I would have given him positive feedback, because he kept his word and if the mail didn’t reach me, I would have to blame the mail system. I decided to hold off on feedback and give it some more time. I’m glad I did, because the cards arrived today. He also sent some postcards with pictures of his country in Kazakhstan, which were really cool. If you trade with this guy, trust him, and be patient, because he has great communication, a true gentleman all the way. I’m sure we will trade again sometime. Great trade…generous guy, shout out to LiS…thanks.