Light it up Blue - yo-yo artwork.

Created for Autism Awareness -

The entire piece is on a 16" by 12" canvas. The hand-made Light bulb was cut out of plexiglass, sanded to catch more light, hand painted with metallic-flaked paint (the yoyo) and airbrushed. It is mounted 3/4" off the canvas and hides a circular strip of super-bright blue LED lights. When it is plugged in, it illuminates the light bulb in the spirit of “light it up blue,” the popular autism awareness campaign. The name of the yo-yo is spelled out in puzzle pieces, as the puzzle piece is a symbol of autism awareness as well.

Everything you see was hand created or painted. The lights were a gift to me, the canvas I purchased. All design elements and ideas were created specifically for this work. I am so, so proud of this one. Thanks for looking!

I am dedicating this to everyone like me who has someone very special in their lives with a form of Autism.

Click the full album for more pictures:

Wow, that is incredible a true work of art. I myself help support autism awareness by helping out with lighting a concert were all the proceeds go directly towards research to autism. I love the art keep it up

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Huh, so you were the one who made that for the yyc thing

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