LF: ZGRT El Mijo Poly, FS: OD Nitro, YYFr Koi, G2 Easy Campaign, TP St. Elmo, Duncan GTR, Others

I’m looking for a ZGRT El Mijo Polycarbonate Yellow with Black hub, not the blue hub that typically comes on the Yellow. Looking to pay around $70 but I’m flexible.

I got most of these secondhand in a bundle and saved the ones I enjoyed the most

All prices are negotiable, open to trades for G2, CLYW, OneDrop, and MCMO

OneDrop Nitro Saturday Market $95

OneDrop Nitro Saturday Market nmtbs $95
Bought it secondhand but only threw it a handful of times

YYFr Koi Blue/Silver Acid Wash With Yellow Splash $60

YYFr Koi Blue/Silver Acid Wash With Yellow Splash nmtbs $60
Bought secondhand but only threw it a handful of times

G2 Easy Campaign Ano Glitch $50

G2 Easy Campaign Ano Glitch $50
Bought in a G2 office sale, only threw it a few times. Ano burns seen in the second pic. It’s perfectly smooth; I’m just not a fan of super light yoyos, and the Easy Campaigns are 55.5g

TP St. Elmo $60

TP St. Elmo nmtbs $60
Has one small pinprick inside one of the cups. Otherwise, this yoyo is flawless and is incredibly smooth. Any other apparent blemishes are dust or oil from my hands as I tried to wipe away the dust

Duncan GTR $60

Duncan GTR, green w/ rainbow rims, nmtbs $60

Luftwerk x CLYW Plastic Peak Purple $33

Luftwerk x CLYW Plastic Peak, Purple, mint $33
Bought it new, only threw a couple of times. Too big for me

Turnbuckle Burning Hammer $35

Turnbuckle Burning Hammer, red/silver/black fade, nmtbs+box $35

General Yo Royal 1 $45

General Yo Royal 1, blue/silver halfswap, good+box $45
Some marks on the silver side, you can see in photo 2. Smooth as glass, probably the smoothest one I’ve got listed here (either this or the TP St. Elmo)

Duncan Freehand One $20

Duncan Freehand One, neon pink, unopened $20

Random unresponsive monometal yoyo $5 add-on

Random unresponsive monometal yoyo $5 add-on
I got this in an “Internationals Finest Low” mystery box. I have no clue what it is. I threw it maybe 5 times, but it came with some vibe.

Again, all of these prices are negotiable, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

G2 SL1000 SOLD $110

G2 SL1000 SOLD $110
Beautiful colorway, it’s just too light for my tastes

CLYW Ditch SOLD $30

CLYW Ditch SOLD $30
scuff pictured in photo 1

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Added new throws+prices

morning. the yellow w/ black hubs was a first run color. there were fewer of those made than the new yellow/blue hub. gonna be a bit harder to track one of those down. Happy hunting, they are totally worth spending the time to find one.


I know :sob: I saw one posted on here a couple weeks ago and I’m kicking myself for not buying it