Lf: YYF Genesis Doomsday edition & OG severe

Wassup, looking for the doomsday genesis, the green and blue one with the mayan etchings. If you have one you are willing to part with pls LMK, thanks.

I’ve got a doomsday genesis. I can send pics and details tonight. I just got back into throwing in the last 2 months and I just joined on here and don’t know how to pm to be honest as the forum is much different than it was when I was active years ago. The doomsday has been sitting in my ■■■■■■■ case pretty dormantly for several years so let me throw it some tonight I can send any vibe and spin time vids or whatever you want just help me with pm LOL we can discuss trade or purchase if you’re interested after seeing content on it. :slight_smile: Honestly would love an OG Severe too at this point

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Still Looking.

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