LF Yoyojam Speeder pink

Looking for YoyoJam Speeder in Pink. Post pic and price


do they even sell them anymore? i have never seen one around.

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In saw one last week on eBay. You might check there.

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good idea

Been looking, mostly on small websites that sells that but with limited selection or used :confused:

I checked. Mostly have speeder 2

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dang, i just looked at a pic of one and now i want one.

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It’s super sexy lol

You could get it in black, then paint the caps pink (like in my picture) :slight_smile:

Oh wow! How did you did that?

The pink caps edition I got when I was like 15 (30 now).

The gimmick was like $7 or 8 extra for the rings to look brass and pink w sparkles and smth written into the hubcaps.

Ofc I fell for it, ofc I didn’t ask my mom first. It broke years ago in so sorry it I wouls give to you.

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