lf:yoyofactory and some clyw yoyos offer up


offer up your yoyofactorys
no g5
no genesis
no plastic yoyos
no responsive
mvp or muntant dna or rockstar or catalyst or super g or supernova or certian superstars will get you further

i also want a arctic circle
a chief
and lastly a canvas
fools gold dont matter as long as there is not a vibe at all


What do you have, most of my bst is yyf. See link in sig if you are interested.


I have an MVP and a Supernova i have been wanting to get rid of.

The Supernova is in great condition. The MVP is pretty scuffed up, still plays great though.


Ive got a superstar.




Per forum rules please post pics of what you have to trade.




Interested in 888s?


i only respond to pms bump


will have pics soon and please no 888s

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