LF:Yoyo string and Yoyo parts!!! Also I need a case!!!!!!

Hello people of the forums!I have made a list below of what I’m looking for:


I’m wanting to try out homemade string.Any type really.I would also like to try out the new CLYW String as well.


-Yyf bearing seats for northstar.
-Axles for CLYW yoyos
-Responce(Any really)
-Side effects

I’m also looking for a case.To hold about 12-15 yoyos.Homemade is fine with me.Any colors. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for looking and a have a wonderful night!!!

Duncan Case holds 12 yoyos…25 shipped

I’ve got a handful of broken north stars with all the parts including the spacers if you are interested.