LF Undersized Throws


Im willing to buy undersized throws like the Yuuksta or something in the similar size. My budget is 60$-70$. Plus Im in the Philippines so plus shipping for that. T_T Just PM me or reply below for your offers I’m mainly looking for the Yuuksta. :slight_smile: (And please do tell me how much the mail is from your place to mine)


Hey, I have a mint puple/clear acid wash yuuksta. I can get some pics to you later tonight if you’re interested. where in the philippines are you? I can calculate shipping for ya


I’m in Manila, Philippines :slight_smile:


holy nunchuck ._.
sorry, I didn’t think shipping would be that expensive. dhl is about $100 to ship to manila.


What about just regular mail then? Or I could ask my brother or aunt, they live in Ohio and NJ.

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