LF Turning Point YYR) ZNINS BST, IKYO AGAPE and more

There she is! Only want TP or YYR yoyos. Will trade my whole collection.  :wink:
Agape:Really smooth fun yoyo, almost mint.
Yomegas: I have an ancient rare Powerspin no transaxle. and 2 Raiders, Maverick and some random others.
Duncan: I have 2 Freehands and some dice, Mint. Also has extra Spacers. One has friction stickers and the other, silicone pads. RED one has no bearing.
Sundia Triple Bearing: Plays like new, few scratches.
Henry’s Circus Diabolo: Indestructable, few marks.
50 yard roll of Sundia String
String Jar is over 100 hundred years old. ;D
And Diabolo sticks with string.
Also Dube Trigon devil sticks, like new barely used.
Stuff not in the picture: MMX Plus 4 juggling balls, Flower sticks, two first gen iPod nanos, and for the DBZ fans, a MINT SH Figuarts Comic Con Exclusive Super Saiyan Goku, and SH Figuarts Piccolo.
Everything for $400.  :wink: