LF: titanium RSO Bowl *cash/trades*

Pic for attention. Photo credit: RSO

LF: I’m looking for a titanium RSO Bowl - ideally mint w/ box and accessories - but I’ll consider NMTBS and without box too (the only version I’m not interested in is the Udon edition).

I have cash and/or trades including:

B7 Grail
Recess x Anti-Yo YWET (hardcoat)
Crucial Milk 2%
MFD Backstage Pass (Forgotten Nebula)
Dunk (copper plated)


Did you ask Elvin if he has any extra booster packs? Might be worth a shot!


Hey, thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, I did check with him and he said he didn’t have any

I missed the drop too! If you get more than 1 PM you should send them my way!

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