LF: squishy counter weights.


Hey guys,
I need like 15-20 little foam or rubber counter weights for a project. I can pay a little money, but no more than like 5 dollars ok? If someone wants to make em, I dont care, but I need them to be rather squishy. I really dont care all that much about the weight, just as long as they attach to a yoyo string and are under about 5 dollars total.

Mondo thanks guys!!!


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Squishy(or foamy) counterweights wouldn’t really be that heavy and therefor wouldn’t provide a “counter” weight.
If you want you could look for thing’s like styro foam balls, or playdo, or use thring counter weights(more soft than squishy though). I don’t know but really what you’re looking for is probably not out there.


I’m not really looking to play very much, I just need it to not fall apart in my hand and let me hold onto it.

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