LF Speedaholic V2

As stated in the topic, I want to get my hands on a older Speedaholic. The one in question is the unresponsive version with the fingerspin cup. I believe this is the V2. Help a thrower out!


I’ve got one but I’ve used the heck out of it :sweat_smile:. It’s a super nice yoyo for a low price.


Exactly why I want one! Sad they no longer make them.

Pics of older speedaholic?

Edit: opening post now includes reference pic :grin:

Yeah, I’m kinda bummed I never got one myself. The first version was so good. And to me, redefined what a budget plastic throw could be.


btw you can get one on yoyo play it looks like, but only in orange

@codinghorror Just for the record. This is a comparison between the Speedaholic V1 and the V2.


The one pictured above is definetely the second run of the V2. Differences are V2 being bigger in diameter and having a way better axle and bearing hub system, a string centering bearing and no stickers on the rims. Price was $12 for the v1 vs $18 for the v2.


Looks like I’ll have no choice but to get the orange one then! Thanks for the heads up. I was hoping, by some fate, I’d get my hands on a clear one :sweat_smile:

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maybe you can reverse dye it clear? :thinking:


If you know how to do that, I’d have mad respect.

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