LF: older stuff, newer stuff. You may have what I want.

Hey guys! I am trying to find a few yoyo’s. I can only trade at the moment. If I can pay for something I will let you know. I had 17, all positive, feedback on my last profile. (yoyo1197)

So heres what I am looking for:

-Any Team Losi’s.
-Any Buzzon Industries.
-Cool Freehands or any duncan plastic. I like rare’s,mods, anything really. Also looking for caps!
-Any older/rare yoyo’s.
-SPYY Ranchero.
-Modded yoyo’s.
-Werrd Stuff. (anything)
-Set of good loopers.
-Small Companies yoyo’s.
-Odd yoyo’s.
-Parts.(bearings,string,hub stacks,z-stacks,jimmy hats,tools)
-Nearly anything! But mainly whats above.

SO, pm me with offers. Hopefully we can make an deal!!

Jeffrey Knox

What do you have for trade?

i have a campfire miggy 2 w/ rice stacks and a big deal