LF- Older Organics

I’m trying to find some cool older organic throws, like Werrd TFL and XXXXL for example, or ILYY’s 2Wei. Hit me up if you have something similar to these.


I wish werrd was still making throws, they just had that special something to them.

Hope you find some brother!


Just to name some I have for sale.
GY - Torrent 2
TP - Houska
ILYY - ST. Eel
YYR - Sputnik
OD - Cascade


What’s the prices on the Torrent 2, Houska, and St. Eel?

I know, I have a TFL that I absolutely adore, it’s just amazing! So comfortable and fun to throw, I can’t put it down once I pick it up…

Please take BST conversation to PMs. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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