LF: Mutant DNA ! 2011 Genesis, Jason Lee 888.11, SF L, Mayhem, Counter Punch

The O-Ting and Mayhem are just like new the Mayhem actually just taken it of the box for pics, the SF L is pretty much mint. The 888 is a Jason Lee Edition 2011 team edition unengraved with 2 marks thru the Anno that can barely be felt and plays smooth. Genesis is 2011 Just Like New and is the nicest smoothest Genesis I’ve ever played. Counterpunch is just like new and Smooth.

888- $80

Genesis - $60

Mayhem- $45

Counter Punch- $25

O Ting- Sold

SF L -$35




Hey! It’s David Ford from FB. Really interested in this but don’t have an Edge beyond. Would you be interested if I traded you some other stuff I have for way in your favor. Like much more than the cost of a new Edge Beyond.

massage sent

Trade is pending

Is the anglam 2 full titanium?

I have a red/gold edge beyond.

It’s made of aluminium/ss

Ahhh… thanks!

I am very interested in the trade.
I’m new though. If we do make a trade how do we get the toots to each other?

Yoyos, not toots.
That was autocorrect.


Would you like to trade?

My edge beyond is perfect. I bought it 2 months ago. It’s my favorite yoyo, but I really want an anglam2. Please.

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Man I want the edge bad but I traded some guy in England and I think he scammed me. He’s already got my Anglam 2 :disappointed_relieved:

Gosh… that sucks! Well best of luck to you. And @$&?! To the idiot that scammed you.

Do you have a yoyorec drapnir?

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Yes I have a perfectly smooth blue draupnir off probably not getting rid of it.

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Darn! Well if you change your mind I’m always open for a trade.