LF:Magic the gathering cards.


Hello. I’ve recently got into Magic:the gathering, and i want to get some more cards,as of now i have a green/black deck,I will take most offers,I have tons i would trade for the cards so pm me if your selling any


I have some, not sure what they are havn’t touched them it a while. Ill pm you with the exact count


i have a collection of mtg cards i’ve been collecting over the years. its a small concentrated collection with quite a few rares. just to do some name dropping: serra avatar, panoptic mirror, multiple birds of paradise, a wizard deck that, i kid u not, is near unbeatble. thats not even scratching the surface. let me know what you got to trade.


What throws do you have to offer?


pgm stackless,protostar that could use some sili,c13 if there are enough cards

(SlimJoe) #6

color of protostar?


i have 54 blue deck of magic cards


i have a lot of cards especially green/black.

some are worth even up to 50. looking for any cards in particular?

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I have a bunch I can trade for the pgm stackless or the protostar
not sure if i have enough to get the c13.



I have the most recent cards since I also just got into the game as well
I only have cards from M11 & Scars of Mirrodin(The Scars of Mirrodin are
my prerelease cards, which contains a 40 card Green, Red & Artifact deck
with 30 extra cards from booster pack of Scars of Mirridon

Then I have 7 Red Lands & 6 Green Lands as extra cards
And finally I have my 60 card Blue-Green deck
which contains

2 Mythic RARES
10 Uncommons
22 Commons
18 Blue/Green Lands

Its a advance deck I would say not the greatest one but its good for the
money i was able to spend on this^___^
but lately ive been to busy to play so i haven’t played in a while and i dont
see my self going anywhere with this so Pics please of what you have to offer

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