LF: Luftverk, OneDrop, 2Sick, SPYY, Item Project

Looking for a few things that I never got around to picking up in the past. Open to all finishes, but more interested in solid colors (& plated where applicable), M/NM conditions

Open to almost anything TI for the right price, but specifically looking for these:
000, 000 54SE, Micra Multiform (Square), Alpina Slimline XP47
ON HOLD. I’ve already purchased $1000+ of old Luftverk this month. If a 000 54SE comes my way I may consider it; anything else, I’m going to wait a bit.

Project2, Markmont Project (OG), GZR 54, Cabal
Markmont Classic - Looking for Clear & Black, prefer Markmont style SE

Blockade - ONLY looking for a stealth one (black/black)

El Ranchero - ONLY look for a brown one. Sold mine years ago and really miss it.

and last but not least, a Caramel Item #001 (Jeffrey Pang’s watch project, figured if I can find one anywhere it’d be here)

Taking a Break for Now. Pickups listed below, thank you to everyone on the BST. May have some listings up in about a month
Luftverk Plastic Fulvia Cream
Luftverk Acadia BTM Bronze
Luftverk Acadia Bronze
Luftverk Fulvia Ti7068
Luftverk Octavia Bronze
TurningPoint Mustang

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I have a MIB Fulvia in cream white I’ll sell.

This thread is on hold. Some things may come up for sale very soon. Not buying anything else for the next few months.

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I have a nickel MCMO and others