LF: Loop 720

Have a 2A bundle you don’t use? Sell it to me? :slight_smile:

Looking for a single loop 720 - I have one already so I really just need a second BUT If you have a set of 720s I’ll indulge…if you can add a good stash of kitty normal :wink: perhaps even some finger tape?



New YYR negators with boxes up for sale

They are new from the shop, also I have loops 720 new from the shop

Just curiosity, how much is the pair of 720s?

They are new from the shop, price is 30€ shipped. I have others loops as loops 900 and they are for cheaper

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I have 2 pairs of Duncan hornets fore sale. I’m asking 35 obo

No thanks! 720s are what I need

How come we don’t hear more about the YYR Negators?

Too expensive, they’re not American, low supply, they’re too “unique” so people don’t want to risk the purchase



720 bundle? Not interested in anything else or more than two!!

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