LF- Looking for YYF Nightmare or Axis PulseFire, Have BiMetal and CLYW to trade



I am looking for:
…YoYoFactory Nightmare in the death colorway …and also a Titanium Dream

Have Mint with Box 2016 Bi-metal SuperStar trade… Half black, half Aqua. Bought 2 and swapped halves, this one is not played with… it is NEW! ALSO, have a 28s Fools Gold Avalanche, mint and plays awesome!

- WANT -

  • YYF Nightmare (death colorway)
  • YYF TiDream (I will trade my 2 for your 1 for this… OR let me know what you are looking for)
  • AXIS Pulsefire
  • CLYW Northern Lights colorway… any of them in that colorway :wink:

- HAVE -

  • YYF 2016 SuperStar (Half black, half aqua… MINT with Box) Pic’s upon request :slight_smile:
  • CLYW Avalache (28s colorway, “FG”… Mint and plays well!) Pic’s upon request
  • YYF Dogma 2016 (MIB… Solid pink)

pm’s work best for me :slight_smile:

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