I know this could possibly be a tough request, but I REALLY want one again.

If you have one you want to sell I would be MORE than happy to work something out.


What throws are you interested in? I have about 5 (I think).

Off the top of my head I believe I have:

1 Menehune
1 Bushido
1 Original Element X
2 Recessed Element X

All are mint with original caps, barely played if at all really. At the time when I bought them I was stuck on my Bone Chip and my Hitman so they’ve been sitting in my case for years.

When I get home I’ll see what I have. If anything is different I’ll update for you.

I may be interested in the Bushido and the Menehune if the price is right.

Pm me when you get home and confirm it and we can work out something.