LF: Japan Technology Shaqshine - Also a Bunch for sale

If you’ve got one of the double rim Japan Technology Shaqshine that you’d sell, trade, trade + cash let me know. Thanks.

Looking to raise some cash for a new yoyo. Unless noted, includes Priority Mail with full insurance. No Trades.

Make me an offer if you think I’m off on a price. Will ship Tuesday.

G2 Respawn - new in box - $70

YYF Skyline - mint - $30

One Drop Bape CODE1 - mint like new, has blank OD box, bought before they had stickers made - $65

Jon Gates - fixed axle $35

PLASTICS BELOW MUST BE BOUGHT IN 2’s TO MAKE SHIPPING WORTH IT, ships First Class mail - they all pretty much have plastic vibe $10 each $40 for all, $5 each (add on) if you buy any yo-yo above

Protostar Victor Gravitsky edition


Silicone mod FH2

Replay Pro - mint in box


great price on the respawn

Edited for more yoyos

Basecamp Moonshine 2 - SOLD

CLYW Bear vs Man - Augie vs. Boyd edition. Been played a lot, color is faded and some minor scuffs, dings. Typical CLYW vibe from this era, great playing yoyo - $75 SOLD

Doc Pop Bolt - original bolt, this was the version Doc modified himself. He took the sheen off the yoyo, clean bearing and silicone, nmtbs - $75 SOLD

SF PLSTC - Unknown edition, mint - $35 SOLD

CLYW Yeti 2 - nmtbs, with box SOLD

Pulsar edition - cant remember the name of the yoyo SOLD

Looking for a Shaqshine, have cash and or trades.

edit: Have gotten a couple offers, but wanted to specify that I’m looking for the newest bi-rim design Shaqshine. Would really like black, but would consider the other colors if they’re offered :slight_smile:

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