LF Horizon and Czechpoint! FS/FT: Slahser, Weekend, Flash, and more!

PM me for pictures, haven’t taken any yet. Prices are OBO and shipped in the U.S. Feel free to offer trades, looking especially for a Horizon, Czechpoint, solid-colored Sleipnir / Sheepnir, Bobcat, or a blue / pink Weekend :slight_smile:

sOMEThING Slahser (blasted silver) - One cosmetic “mark”, smooth. $150
yoyorecreation Sleipnir (raw, EYYC 2015 edition) - Minor oxidation / dirt(?), supposed to be removable with acetone (don’t have any). $100
Recess Intl Weekend (black) - Mint / Near-mint, smooth. $75
Unparalleled Flash (pink) - One cosmetic black mark, smooth. $135
Duncan Barracuda (red, China production) - Minor damage, smooth. $35
Ramshackle Throw Design (blue) - Mint. $90
YoYoRanger Hertz (silver) - Mint. $50
YoYoFactory Genesis (blue, B-Grade bi-metal version) - Minor damage, smooth. $50

Unparalleled Flash (black) - One small dent, smooth. $120
Tropic Spins Arcadia (black, prototype) - Minor damage, smooth. $70
Sengoku Kenshin (purple) - 3A marks all around, smooth. $50
Radical Seas Oracle (purple) - Mint in box. $90
Axis Mixtape (red) - Mint. $25
2SickYoYos Rook (raw) - Two black cosmetic marks, smooth. $150
CLYW Avalanche (silver with blue / red splash) - Minor damage all around, smooth. $50