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If you are not buying because of the prices, just ask! I can change them! LF: Ti Cadence :smile:

bimetal superstar $40 One big ding

Genesis $35 polished

Horizon $35 mint:

Alta $45 mint

Daydream $15 mint

Space Cadet $30 tons of dings

Horizon Ultra $30a couple of small nicks

Zeekio Prism $20 mint

Replay pro $15 one big nick

A grade D10 $20 one tiny nick

Magic Yoyo Behemoth $20 MIB

Duncan Skyhawk $20

Cypher $20

Czech point pivot $20

LF: OG Sasquatch
(Josiah Lyons) #7

are they in good condition?


Some are, some arenโ€™t








Good deals bump



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