LF: Great deals on Anti-Yo, undercuts etc. side effects?

Edited from my phone so it’s a little sloppy.
I’m looking for good deals on interesting throws.
I’d like a solid color code 1,
a undersized one drop.
Some more side effects.
Same goes for yos with undercut shapes (ie. Glacier Express, Recurve, Avant Garde, ZeuS you get the idea).
Cool modded throws

I also like the Dri- and Slck- YWETs
, ILYYs,
the Chico XL
and other unique throws.
If you have something you want to get rid of, even if it’s a little beat up, I’m interested. PM me with an offer and we’ll talk.

The reason I’m not buying new is that I think my wife would shank me if I kept paying full price on “toys”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can pay in good advice, hugs, and cash.

Update: Unfortunately I can’t buy every offer I get, even though I’d like to. But keep the offers coming. I’ve already gotten a lot of pretty good ones.