LF:FG CLYW..FS/FT CLYW Puffin,dv888 and more


*A dv888 unique colorway suuuuper smooth with one mark, comes in box.

*I also have a cheap Duncan imperial i would like to get rid of… i can literally just give it to you in a deal becuase i dont want it…

***i have a gold mint in box puffin, message me if interested. For that I’m only accepting serious inquiries. I wouldn’t mind an AC or a puffin in a different color way. But in looking for mint to near mint and I want a good deal not to be ripped off.

*got some cash

*Available as well are a konkave bearing a 10ball and a flat bearing, offer

*and kitty strings, up to 40

Im looking for:
CLYW… AC, Puffin, any really.
OD cascade
Deadly Spins Wrath
offer anything

Offer away, but i don’t want junk.

Thank you!


here are pics of dv888 and imperial


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Brand new in box, only opened for pics, Insanity


everything still available.

-also have a konkave bearing a 10ball and a flat bearing availale


offers? beautiful throws wanting to go


everything still available.


xbox 360 added. offer away


bump, pics and things added






no offers in quite some time… come on guys




mfdsn gfjdskgf




haven’t been on in forever, stuff is still available!