LF: Different Throws

Hello everyone,

Pretty sure I will not have any luck but I want to fullfil some wishes that I had many years ago and never been able to afford those throws.

I try but I think will be hard, probably impossible, I am looking for:

One drop - Code 1 (possibly the splash ano)

One drop - Project 2

One drop - Vtwo

Spyy - Ronin (possibly the blue/black version)

Yoyofactory - Yuuksta (the purple/blue acid wash version)

I have some more that I wish but those are the main ones, I can offer only cash as I have nothing really valuable to exchange and also I live in UK so the person will be ok to send the parcel outside US

Thanks :heart:



Guys can I please do a bumperoni? At least for the Code 1! so needed!

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