LF- Derti by RSO and an Anti Yo Viszilla

So my search for a Ti Bowl hasn’t worked out and I actually like the Derti better so I’m hunting for 1 if anybody has 1 they are willing to sell please contact me through DM. I don’t have any Titanium throws so I can’t do much for trades but I may have something you want that I can throw cash on top off… Then there’s the Anti Yo Viszilla! I must have 1 of these or I very possibly may die… I am not joking I have a very rare but very deadly disease that requires me to own the coolest throw ever made or my heart could implode from lack of having it. So if you have 1 just do the right thing and let me purchase it to save my life. And you can say you saved a guys life with a yoyo! How sick is that!!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::joy::joy:

All kidding aside, I really need these throws, and I’m a good guy that will cherish them forever.


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