Lf creams or pyros

i am looking for creams of any kind suck as crucials or heavys i like them or any pyros i have a xconvict or a hyabusa i am willing to let go for a cream or a pyro i am sorry to see the hyabusa go but i really would like a cream or pyro and if you would let me trade you these yoyos for that i would be so greatful i really want one but i mean you can also offer up if you are looking for one of the yoyos i mentioned such as a xcon or hyabusa and 2 modded mosquitos i will throw in a modded mosquito if you trade the pyro and i will give you two mosquitos for the heavy cream ik that the moquitos arent that good but i mean they are very unquiely modded and nice for a collection just to say you have and they look so cool