FT Cream 2010 G5 1 of 9 spyder

(cottoncandym1) #1

i am trading these because i have 2 g5s and i like the cream but i want something new

2010 g5: it is sliver with rainbow z stacks and has a tiny vibe and is mint

cream: it is black and white and it is the smoothest curcials i have ever played no vibe at all and is mint

Spyy Spyder 1 of 9: black unengraved, 2 small marks, no vibe, and broke in pad (still have a lot of life)
what i want:
singularity and quark
Marmont and sasquatch
New YYF ( will trade both for a rockstar and northstar)
offer up i like every thing but these will be hard to get off me


pics pleas

(system) #3