LF> Cool Stuff.


Hey guys, been looking through BST and can’t find what I’m looking for so I’m interested in:

One Drop Terrarian (Moonlord)
One Drop Stunt Pegs
One Drop RSMs
YYF Big Deal
Dank Toys Peon
CLYW Cliff (Petr Kavka Ed.)
KC Agent Tantalizing
X3 Aware
CLYW Peak (Earth)
CLYW Chief (Dirty Sunset) - Pending
CLYW Gnarwhal 2 (1.21 Gigawatts)
CLYW Canvas (Black/Green or Grey/Yellow/Purple Preferred)
and of course a CLYW Scout (Rainbow Trout) like everyone else
…and will consider anything cool.

Also, I have these yoyo’s for trade but I’d consider selling em:

Amplified Return Tops - Shout (Jambouree) Ding on the rim, and one by the bearing seat. Smooth.
One Drop - Yelets (Red) A couple pinpricks and a flat spot on one of the halves. Smooth.

Thanks for your time! Please PM if you have one of these things and are willing to part with them. I’m looking to collect and play so mint is preferred but I don’t mind dings and scratches as long as they don’t affect play.


I have a Galactic Goose. I messaged you too. Looking for 185.

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