LF: CLYW CLIFF and CLYW FT: CLYW A grade Peak, will do straight for cliff

Will Accept CLIFFS
Mainly looking for CLIFFS
Will Eagerly Accept CLIFF
I like Cliffs

CLYW PEAK, half green half blue WITH white splash, MINT - will do straight for cliff (preferably mint)
CLYW Chief, Dandelion, Near Mint
One Drop Cascade, Blue w/ Silver AND orange splash, MINT
One Drop Cascade, Blue, MINT
General-Yo A grade KLR, Half purple half silver, MINT
YoYoFactory 7075 Super G, Chrome, MINT
Chico SUV Heavy Hitter 2, Blue w/ yellow speckle, MINT
One Drop Code 2, YoYoExpert Edition, Couple small unfeelable dings

Pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/92284586@N06/

So… You want a Chief then?

If you still have the peak, I’ll trade you for my 28s cliff. Pretty mint, I have the box with the art work too so yeah. If you’re interested email me @ isaac.fajardo.6194@gmail.com or octopi623@gmail.com