LF: Bring me your broken and your damned

Silly request here and might be a long shot but looking to do some modding and I don’t have anything in my collection that needs to be fixed or is in a state that I should really tinker with.

So, here’s what I’m hoping to get out of this. someone reads this post and remembers that stripped old shutter that’s essentially trash in a drawer, and some cracked busted up cheap plastics and whatever other cheap busted not worth selling yoyos and hits me with a reasonable deal. I’m not looking to find some collectable cool stuff at best I’m hoping to get a bunch of super dinged up/Viby, cracked, stripped, or otherwise mangled yoyos and maybe retape a few yoyos, maybe piece together a few busted loopers or do something creative to get a few working yoyos out of what most would call garbage but have (maybe I can use that later) brains like mine.

The end result assuming I can get something relatively usable out of my efforts will be to better my own modding skills and in the process have some super cheap give away yoyos that I put some effort into restoring and giving out at yoyo club every month to whoever doesn’t have a large collection.

(I’m also working on buying a stash of first base from a source I’ve already talked to locally and have a contact at the local library to donate them to and setup a checkout system in my area that open to anyone but that’s a larger goal and not specific to my efforts of increasing club attendance with small super cheap prizes and I’m more willing to put time in that funds right now on that front)

I’m also working on maybe just 3D printing something in mass but that requires designs and hardware and my printer hasn’t been super accurate for those efforts yet.

Sorry for the long LF post. TL;DR look at your drawer of broken yoyos (i assume you might have) and maybe I’ll be able to take them off your hands and we can work out some amount that makes sense for that.


PM’ing you


Dming you

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To those that reached out. thank you all. i have some stuff to work through or reach back out on. some stuff we couldn’t work out others are going to the DMVT club loaner, new player giveaway box.

if anyone else has a batch of broken yoyos they want to offload im happy to hear an offer.


Define broken please. Do you care for stripped yoyos? Feel free to pm me if yes.

that’s what I’m buying or searching for. stripped, bent, cracked, missing halves or hardware, missing rims or whatever. basically, parts of yoyos.

on a special note if anyone has a stripped/ broken half of a something lp i will buy that right now to repair my broken one.

I recently got a few yoyos from people one was a stripped myy sharks honor i re threaded and fixed and will be added to the DMV throwers (DC area yoyo club) loaner/giveaway box this weekend

If you got something that matches that description sitting in a drawer collecting dust im happy to chat about it see if we can figure out a deal. I’ll note cause these yoyos are broken and im reviving something that will guarantee vibe after as club giveaway stuff i’m not trying to spend a large amount on this project.

I have some stuff im looking to just move if your open to potentially trading something you have ? I can pm you some photos when im home from work :slight_smile: