LF Blue/Yellow/Red Protostars

(Mitch) #1

Hey guys… I love protostars and want some more… Especially the translucent ones. Few things…

I dont have the cash, so only trades…

Condition doesnt need to be that good, but has to be decent. Like a few scuffs and knicks are cool, and a little vibe is alright, aslong as it plays…

For trade:

1 YYJ X-ConVict:
Black, very dirty rims… I just dont have the stuff to clean them. Didn’t like the yoyo, it was too small for me. Would trade straight up for a Protostar

1 Envy 64:
Green/Grey, a few dings from 5A, plays well, a good yoyo, needs new pads. Would take a little more, I could throw in a stock sparkle FHZ for two Protostars

Half a grey protostar for half a red one. Im a big OSU fans and our colors are scarlet and grey… So I’d love to get a half and half one…

Pics on request


Pics of the x con?
Very interested!!! ;D

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