LF Anti-Yo, Bassline 2, Core Co. Alleycat, and more...Please Read!

Hey everyone, I’m looking for a few things. In order of “I want this more” to “I want this not as much as the other thing” my list is:

Anti-Yo Bapezilla 2
Anti-Yo Viszilla
3yo3 Bassline 2
Used Core Co. Alleycat
One Drop 54

All of these can have damage!! I’m not looking to spend an ungodly amount of money so damage is acceptable, very preferably vibe free though! Please reach out if you have any of these throws or know anyone who has any of these throws! It will be much appreciated!

Feel free to offer other throws too, I’m partial to the SE system and anything old-school and organic, floaty, and light. Again damage is acceptable, just no vibe or very little if there is any.

Thanks all!