LF: almost any spyy, campfire, wooly marmot, skyline. FT: skyy chaser and GTO-F

trying to trade my MIB 2009 worlds skyy chaser and Dif-e-yo GTO-F in original tin with weightrings and extra stickers.  MIB no. 9 black and silver.  all in great condition and willing to throw in $25 yye gift certificate that i won at DXL.  i also can throw in a bigyo for those who may want to start 4a and want a deal sweetener.

now i am adding a v2 dark/light green 5star with 1 ding that only effects palm grinds slightly, and the rest are purely scrached off ano.  i also have a “c grade” 5star that right now has no axle, but last i threw it, it vibed (did not try to tune it and its old axle was trash).  i tried to satin it a little but only smoothed out some rough spots.  can grind a little bit. 

some people say that didn’t work.  pending for a GG

make offers in general, but will accept almost any good condition spyy, a campfire or wooly marmot by CLYW, a yyf skyline or DNA, but offer anything reasonable.  added: any generalyo

bump, Skyy chaser pending

skyy chaser no longer pending. up for trade

bump. really want a MIB large bearing skyline.

I got a satinted DM with a few minor stress cracks… interested?

trying to trade away the skyy chaser.

Hows a satianed skyline.

1: the last bump is almost 2 years old.

2: I don’t have any of those yo-yos anymore

3: you shouldn’t reply with a post, just PM

4: I have a skyline now, so no.