Letting go of some gems CLYW OD SPYY GENERALYO

Got come CLYW Generalyo and others I am placing up for sale only. Most are super near mint and I have no clue what bearings are currently in them. Will include goodies with every purchase and will be flexible if interested in multiples.

YYF whip custom painted
CLYW Avalanche solid gold
CLYWxOD SUMMIT many side effect also
General yo M10 double black 1 of 1
General yo KLR (response recess is shallow needs concave bearing some machine marks otherwise good throwing pretty smooth
YYR diffusion
SPYY pistolero early star grade




Is that a pisto2 based on the hearts being engraved ? I’ve never seen one like that without the rims engraved

What onedrops do you have for sale?

How much for the summit?