Less than 24 hours on E-bay! Viszilla less than 100 bucks!!?

Hey so I’m listing yoyos for REALLY low starting prices, about 4-5 at a time (to not flood the market.)

Theres gonna be awesome stuff up!

Starting this week with
MIB Viszilla (starting bid FORTY BUCKS?!)

YoyoFactory G5 silver near mint. (25 bucks starting!)

ILYY Eins rare black tiny marks. (35 dollar start!)

Rec Rev a couple small dings (20 dollar start!)

Y-Factor Purple with 2 small dings. (35 dollar start!)

Happy Bidding!

Lots of watchers! Don’t miss out on great throws by being outbid by a dollar!

Sunday bump. even MORE people watching each auction. Will be listing more yos after this set as well :slight_smile:

Bump! Less than 72 hours remain!

2 days left! Viszilla isnt even above 100 yet!

Les than a day left!

Last hours bump!