leg wrap trap help

For some reason whenever i try to do the trick, My right leg pushes the string and the yoyo back, so the yoyo ends up hitting one of my legs and stops spinning.

It is supposed to go under the throwhand side  leg, do a loop between the legs and then come out out the other side.

To do this step forward at the beginning with your throw-hand leg, then let it do a full revolution, and then move your non-throwhand leg forward.  After that just land a trapeze behind your back.

After that it just takes practice.

Keep watching this video, pay attention to what the legs are doing.

it happens when it’s between my legs during the loop…

Does it hit the right leg, (if your right handed)?

When the yo-yo is doing the loop between the legs you are supposed to do a normal stance, legs together being straight, when the yo-yo comes down move your left leg forward.

I’m right handed and sometimes it hits my right leg and sometimes it misses my right leg and hits my left leg.